The Scorpio’s will work mostly on their preferred functional areas. The Scorpio’s would work mostly as teachers, advisers, consultants and in other commanding positions on any type of industries. 

Wherever the Scorpio works, they either lead or command others; or they keep the advisory role or levels. The functional organ of the institution depends on the advice, consulting or teaching talents of the Scorpio’s.

The Scorpio’s will work up to their ability and the talents. They do not back stab their employer; nor will hamper the growth of the business to attain their self interests. The Scorpio’s will disgruntle in private, if they are not recognized for their works; if the remuneration is not at the expected level. 


The Libra’s have moderate financial strength; but never tries to acquire wealth through an illegal manner. The Scorpio’s are jealous in nature; but that will not convert them into a greedy person. In most cases, the Scorpio’s are cheated by their own friends & family. The Scorpio’s are very helpful to the peoples who approach them for their help.


The Scorpio’s are reliable, honest and trust worthy. The Scorpio’s will execute their works to the perfection; that the others could find it tougher to point out any accusation finger. 

The Scorpio’s will not be interested in illegal gratification of money. The Scorpio’ will not risk their life by setting them into any of the corrupt practices. The Scorpio’s are more satisfied with normal source of income.  

The Scorpio’s are known to be very lazy in nature. They keep postponing their works, often finding some lame excuses. The Scorpio’s are known for the rush at the eleventh hour. These negative qualities of the Scorpio’s are often misconstrued as weak and inefficient by their employer.


The Scorpio is not very efficient in handling or managing large establishments. The Scorpio lacks the will to be tough on the wrongdoers. The Scorpio’s are bested with poor communication skills that act as a hindrance in their public relationship exercises.

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