The Scorpio’s are slow, steady and ambitious minded persons. The Scorpio’s are solitary in nature. They love their immediate members; their spouse, children, parents and brothers/sisters. But the Scorpio’s are not interested in mingling with their other relatives.

The Scorpio’s are good at keeping their emotions within themselves. The Scorpio’s are quiet ambitious and largely confine themselves in dreams and deep thinking. In general, the Scorpio’s are fearful and pessimistic in nature.

The Scorpio’s are the ones, who reach the peak on both the love and the anger emotions. But even at the heightened tensions, the Scorpio’s never expose their displeasure out in the open; rather they try their best to confine the anger within the limits.

The Scorpio’s are very careful about what they speak; thus they speak very less. Thus the Scorpio’s are at a disadvantageous position on expressing their views more effectively. It could even lead to the Scorpio’s are being labeled as the haughty and arrogant.

The Scorpio’s are very adamant in their views; but they express in a more subtle manner. The Scorpio’s are good at listening to others advise and lengthy lectures too; but they continue to follow their method of actions.

There are always disparity on what they speak and what they do. The Scorpio’s are quiet powerless to go along with their mindset; because they are more fearful of the imaginary repercussions. The Scorpio’s are more vulnerable to their immediate family members.


The Scorpio’s are too ambitious; they have ambitions about their whole family members. Thus they treat the associate of their family members as their own friends; and adversaries of their family members to be their own foes. These qualities actually damage the prospects of the Scorpio’s in the longer run.

Even though the Scorpio’s have the ability to control their passion and talk less, their body language and the behavioral pattern clearly points out their inner mindset. Thus the Scorpio’s are fully exposed to their opponents; this makes the lists of opponent to grow too.

The Scorpio’s inability to put forward their point of views clearly makes the Scorpio’s as doubtful personalities too. This situation put the Scorpio’s in disadvantageous positions and they could be avoided in a critical decision making process in the family or/and business matters. 


The Scorpio’s mindset is quiet unpredictable and wavering in nature. The Scorpio’s oscillate between the optimistic and also in the pessimistic side. The perceived weaknesses of the Scorpio’s are fully known to their close circles only. The Scorpio’s are fully aware of their weakness too.

The Scorpio’s would try to come out of their weak minded positions and keep trying for the entire period of their life. These qualities make the Scorpio’s to live away from the stated objectives; it is often misconstrued as the double talk of the Scorpio’s. The biggest threat to the Scorpio’s growth and the prosperity is their own mindset; they improve in their life along with the strong mindset only.


The Scorpio’s speeches are mostly dry and diplomatic; their speeches are not laced with humor. The Scorpio’s takes their time to understand the cryptic messages delivered by other persons. 

But the Scorpio’ will laugh in a whole hearted manner for any jokes and for any humorous situations. The Scorpio’s are too cautious about not harming or hurting the feelings or sentiments of the other persons. 


The Scorpio’s are not very explicit in their anger; they do not explode or implode with anger. The Scorpio’s are known for controlling their anger to the bearable limits.  The Scorpio’ will stop talking or interacting with anyone if they are fully frustrated and down with more anger.

The Scorpio’ keeps their face without any expressions and keeps them confined without showing any emotions, while they are fully frustrated. The Scorpio’s would vent their anger; when it is beyond their tolerable limits. That could be a difficult time for anyone to face their anger and the fury. The Scorpio’s anger

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