The Scorpio’s interest on the entertainment will be quiet difficult to understand. There will be wild fluctuation on the part of the Scorpio’s preference on their involvement in the entertainment. The Scorpio’ would integrate them fully into the entertainment on the first day; then they talk about getting away from this stressful life on the next day. Thus the Scorpio’ will go after the entertainment; and will chase it away after some time.


The Scorpio’s lack of expression, solitary nature and jealousness will raise suspicion on their motives. The Scorpio’ poor communication strength will add up to the existing troubles; the opponents will be highly doubtful on the alleged motives and the hidden agenda of the Scorpio.

Though the Scorpio’ has not done anything critical and dangerous, their subdued actions will plant doubts on the minds of their opponents. Thus the Scorpio’ inadvertently gains number of enemies without any rhyme or reason. Thus their hidden or faceless enemies will cause lot of troubles in their life. In some cases, the Scorpio’s doesn’t even know that who the real enemies.


The Scorpio’s do not attach more importance to their beauty and appearance. The female Scorpio’ gives some minimal attention on making them beautiful. The Scorpio will keep them selves neat and tidy; dresses properly when they go out. But they also go out by shabbily dressed up. Thus the Scorpio’s are capable of maintaining both the top and the bottom end of the appearance tables.


The Scorpio’s are afflicted with mental sickness, rather than the physical sickness. The Scorpio’s are likely to be affected by the blood pressure, bones, and nerves and more important on acid stomach. The Scorpio’ would have fight on two battle fronts; both mentally and physically to keep fit.

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