The Scorpio’ affections for their parents are limitless; but it will not be expressed in an explicit manner by the Scorpio’s. The Scorpio’ will extend their affection to their parents and provide all possible help during their entire lifetime. 


The Scorpio’s are quiet adjustable to their spouse. Though there are many grievances and disappointments haunts the Scorpio, they will not exhibit their emotions in any way. The Scorpio’s are quiet successful in getting the spouse under their control by subtle movements. Thus the Scorpio’s bring indirect and invisible control over their spouse activities.

The Scorpio’s are very slow to react; but very strong and steady in their stated approach. The Scorpio’ can not be judged by their external behavioral movements. The Scorpio’s are quiet patient and choose the pain staking method to have complete domination over their spouse. The Scorpio’s have the capacity to change the negative aspects in their martial life into their advantage.


The Scorpio’s are known to exert indirect pressure on their children. They keep a close watch on the activities of their children. The Scorpio’s believe that the tight control over their children in the early stages actually helps them to come up in their life. The Scorpio’s will also loosen their hold over the children, when they reach their maturity in the life. The Scorpio will exhibit their affection in a subtle fashion on their children.


The Scorpio’s are known for extreme affection towards their brothers/sisters. The Scorpio’ will not exhibit their affection in an overt manner; rather they prefer to show it in a more subdued manner.

The Scorpio’ will try to extend the help to their brothers/sisters that is available within their limits. Even if they are unable to offer help/assistance due to various factors, the Scorpio’s affection does not get diminished. Also the Scorpio’s will not lose the affection on their brothers/sisters, even if they are forgotten by them. 


The Scorpio’s are known for keeping the number of the friends well within reasonable limits. The Scorpio’ will have strong and healthy relationship within a small circle chosen by them. 

The Scorpio’s do maintain a subdued relationship with their friends; they do not force upon their views. The Scorpio’s are quite receptive to the views of their friends. The Scorpio’ will take all the inputs and analyze them personally before committing into direct actions.

The Scorpio’s are very confused before arriving at any conclusions; they seek the help of their friends and well wishers within the family. The Scorpio’s will irritate their friends by repeating the same questions again and again. The Scorpio’ will maintain the strong ties with their close friends even at their old age. The Scorpio’ will never disturb their friends and pull them towards their point of views.

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