The Scorpio’ has plenty of dreams on the love and romance; but they find it hard to put into actions. The Scorpio’s are initially very shy in their character. Their lack of basic communication skills hinders the free and frank expression of views. 

Basically the Scorpio’s are quiet fearful with confused state of mind. This also could hamper their actual expression of the love and the romance. Thus the Scorpio will have a shaky start in the initial period.

Thereafter the Scorpio would find it hard to make their speeches more attractive; since their speeches are very casual, dull and boring. Thus the partner’s of the Scorpio shoulders the entire responsibility of keeping the romance alive.


The Scorpio’s will have immense interests on the sexual activities. But they keep it under well wrapped under their control. The Scorpio’s have the own dreams and ambitions on sexual affairs.

The shyness, lack of communication and the confused state of mind puts more hurdles in their path to the satisfaction of the sexual activities. The Scorpio’ has to come out of the deficiencies to fully enjoy the sexual life.

When the initial reluctance is over, the Scorpio’s enjoy their sexual contact like everyone else. But in most cases, the Scorpio faces some trouble in their married life and the sexual activities.


The Scorpio’s are very secretive about their love affairs. The Scorpio’s chooses to keep their emotions fully under their control; they are not explicit in their expressions. Thus it becomes very difficult to understand the nature of relationship that the Scorpio currently pursues. The Scorpio’s lack of expressions and poor communication skills act as a stumbling block in conveying their love proposals. The loneliness character of the Scorpio adds up to the mystery on the Scorpio’s behavior. 

Through the Scorpio’s lifeless expression and the limited exchange of views make it difficult to understand the nature of the Scorpio’s mindset; the intended direction of the Scorpio. Thus the people who are very closeted with the Scorpio might find it difficult to understand the Scorpio’s mindset. After some long gestation period, the Scorpio could initially agree to the love proposals.

The Scorpio does not change them into the newer lifestyle immediately; instead the changes come slowly and gradually. The Scorpio’ will gradually adapt into the romantic life when their most of the doubts are cleared.

When the Scorpio’s are fully involved into the romantic life, they put all their life, future and the expectation at the disposal of their partner. Though they place their full faith on their partner, the doubts and fear haunts them at the regular interval.

Thus the Scorpio’ transfers their entire problems into the partner’s side; they keep pressurizing about the marriage. The Scorpio does not have the mind and the capacity to face any failures on their marriage life; they are highly sensitive. Thus the onus on keeping the Scorpio happy lies solely in the hands of their partners.


The Scorpio’s becomes happier on having a person to share the joy and grief in their personal life. The Scorpio’s put enormous hope and expectation on their spouses. Sometimes these too much expectations could also run them into troubles.

The Scorpio’s could be disappointed, when there is slightest level of expectations getting belied. Again the Scorpio’s are not casual in their behavior and do not bring their expressions out so easily. This makes the situation so worse; that the partner may not be able to understand the feelings of the Scorpio.

The Scorpio’s are so sensitive in nature; and they place their full faith on the partner’s lap. The Scorpio does expect the same reciprocal love and the affection from their spouse’s too. 

Basically the Scorpio has the weak and confused state of mind; that makes them to be fearful and doubtful. Thus any act of omission and commission committed by their spouse will reflect badly on the Scorpio itself. Also the Scorpio will crumble, when they find any irregularities on the martial life by their spouse. 

Thus the Scorpio has to be handled very gently and honestly by their spouse’s. The Scorpio might irritate the partners by asking them the repeated questions; the partner’s have to be more patient in keeping the Scorpio happier. The Scorpio would deliver the abundant amount of love and they expect the same from their spouses.

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